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To provide the best user experience when interacting with Hall, our JavaScript libraries automatically keeps the browser URL in sync with hash routing, and updates the page title to reflect what the user is viewing.

As the user navigates within your embedded community, the integration will update the window's URL with the hash property.

Additionally, the page title (or document.title) of the window or tab is updated to reflect the content that the user is viewing.

These features can be disabled with the disableRouting or disableTitle prop in the React library, or by setting the same properties to true in the JavaScript library.

Initial route

You can also optionally set an initial path for your embedded community to show on load.

For example, if the space you want to load is located at https://community.usehall.com/product-feedback-CvXrdxR9g5sC, you would set the intial path value to /product-feedback-CvXrdxR9g5sC. Refer to the React library or Javascript documentation to learn how to configure this.

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