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Getting started

Our simple JavaScript libraries enable you to integrate and embed your Hall community directly into your product, website, or app in just a few lines of code.

Our React component and basic JavaScript embed implementations can be used to initialize your Hall community and automatically log your app's users into your Hall community as members. This enables you to provision community member accounts using your app's identity system without your members needing to log in or sign up for Hall.


To utilize our JavaScript implementations, you will first need to create an app in the Developer settings of the admin dashboard to get your developer access credentials. You can ask the person who manages your Hall community if you do not have access.

To automatically provision and log users into Hall as members, you need to sign a JSON Web Token (JWT) on your server. See User authentication for a detailed guide on how to implement this.

Feedback and ideas

If you have any questions, feedback or feature requests, let us know in the Hall customer community.

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