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Members are people who have signed up to your community, either through your community site or via our developer integration.

Viewing members

All your members are displayed on the Members page in the admin dashboard.

From the Members page, you can review:

  • Name: The name and profile photo of the member, if not unknown (see below).
  • Email: The verified email address of the member.
  • Signed up via: The context for where this user signed up, which will usually be your community site.
  • Last logged in: The time that they last logged into your community.
  • First seen: The time that they first joined your community.

Unknown members

Unknown members are those who have signed up and verified their email, but have not yet completed their profile information.

When signing up, members are not required to complete profile information like setting a name or profile photo. This reduces friction of new members signing up and improves their overall user experience.

Instead, members are required to complete profile information before making contributions

Unknown members are still displayed in the member count for your community.

Deactivating members

Should you wish to remove or ban a member from your community, you can deactivate any member at any time.

Deactivating a member will hide their profile on content they’ve contributed without removing any of their contributions.

While deactivated, they won’t be able to log in or sign up again using their email. Their profile photo will be removed and their name will be displayed as Deactivated member to other members.

To deactivate a member:

  1. Find the member you want to deactivate on the Members page.
  2. Click the ••• icon, and select Deactivate.
  3. Confirm this action by clicking Deactivate member.

Members can be reactivated at any time by following the same steps.

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