Community admin

The command center for your community

Powerful controls to manage, scale, and measure your community.

Hall admin screenshot

All your community members in one place

Organize and manage all your community members in one simple, unified place.

Search and segment members

Search, filter, and build powerful segments of members based on their attributes and activity.

View member activity

Analyze and keep track of your most engaged and active members, and measure the success of your community.

Members in Hall

Moderate and monitor

Take full control with powerful admin dashboards to manage your community and members.

Admin dashboard

A dedicated home for admins, separate from the member experience.

Deactivate members

Permanently deactivate any member to prevent them from logging in or signing up.

Remove comments

Remove any comment as an admin while maintaining the context of the conversation.


Intelligent content scanning

Our advanced AI models leverage data points from thousands of online communities to filter and block 99.99% of problematic content.

Risk radar

We employ a number of risk signals like device fingerprinting and proxy detection to disable problematic actors before posting.

Spam prevention

Our state-of-the-art spam models automatically screen and block content at the time of posting.

Your community manager toolkit

All the capabilities you need to build a modern and engaged customer community.

Manage spaces

Create and manage spaces to organize and focus your community.

Admin users

Invite multiple admin users and have admins identified in your community site.

Draft discussions

Collaborate on draft discussions with other admins before publishing.

Lock discussions

Lock down updates to stale or outdated discussions.

Customize theme

Theme and style your community site to match your company’s brand.

Single sign-on

Configure your own managed identity provider for additional access controls.

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Embedded community
Create community experiences inside your product, app, or website with our simple developer SDK and API.

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