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What is a Community of Interest?

Last updatedJune 12, 2024
AuthorKai Forsyth

Imagine a global network of birdwatchers, swapping sighting stories and species lists. Or a vibrant online forum where vintage car aficionados trade restoration tips and rally tales. These are communities of interest – groups of people united by a shared passion, hobby, or pursuit, regardless of their location or background.

A community of interest is a gathering of individuals who connect over a common interest, enthusiasm, or experience. Unlike a community of place, defined by geographic proximity, or a community of practice, centered on a shared profession or skill, a community of interest is all about the shared love for a particular topic or activity. In world connected online, these communities often transcend physical boundaries, bringing together enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Purpose of a Community of Interest

The primary purpose of a community of interest is to allow individuals to explore, celebrate, and deepen their shared passion. Members come together to exchange knowledge, experiences, and resources related to their common interest. They find joy, meaning, and identity in connecting with others who share their enthusiasm.

Participating in a community of interest allows individuals to learn more about a beloved topic, hone related skills, and stay up-to-date on trends and developments. But it’s about more than just information exchange. These communities provide a sense of belonging, validation, and social connection. They offer a space where members feel understood, appreciated, and inspired by others who share their often niche interests.

Examples of Communities of Interest

Communities of interest are as diverse as human passions. Some revolve around hobbies, others around life experiences, social causes, or cultural phenomena. Here are a few examples:

Brand communities

A brand community is a group of people who are united by their shared love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for a particular brand or product.

  • A global community of Apple enthusiasts who share tips, discuss product releases, and showcase their collections
  • A fan club for a specific car brand, where owners share modification ideas, rally stories, and brand merchandise

Hobby communities

A hobby community is a group of people who share a passion for a particular hobby or leisure activity, often coming together to learn, create, and connect.

  • A local running club that hosts weekly group runs, training sessions, and social events
  • An online community of home brewers who share recipes, techniques, and tasting notes

Fandom communities

A fandom community is a group of people who are deeply invested in and passionate about a particular entertainment franchise, such as a TV show, movie series, book genre, or video game.

  • A global community of Harry Potter fans who discuss fan theories, create fan art, and attend themed events
  • An online forum for Minecraft players to share game tips, showcase their creations, and collaborate on server projects

Lifestyle communities

A lifestyle community is a group of people who share a particular way of living, often centered around specific values, beliefs, or interests. This can include subcultures and countercultures that differentiate themselves from mainstream society.

  • A community of digital nomads who share tips for remote work, travel destinations, and maintaining a location-independent lifestyle
  • An online group for zero-waste enthusiasts to share strategies for reducing consumption, recycling, and living sustainably

Belief-based communities

A belief-based community is a group of people united by shared spiritual, religious, or philosophical beliefs and practices.

  • A global network of Buddhists who come together for meditation sessions, dharma talks, and retreats
  • An online community for Stoicism practitioners to discuss philosophy, share daily practices, and support each other’s personal growth

Characteristics of a Community of Interest

While each community of interest is unique, they often share some defining characteristics:

Shared passion: Members are united by a common interest, hobby, or passion. This shared focus is the glue that binds the community together.

Voluntary participation: People choose to participate in a community of interest because they genuinely care about the topic, not because of external obligations or incentives.

Knowledge exchange: A key activity in communities of interest is sharing information, ideas, and resources related to the shared interest. Members learn from and teach each other.

Collective identity: Participation in a community of interest often becomes part of members’ self-identity. They see themselves as part of a tribe of fellow enthusiasts.


A community of interest is a group of people united by a shared passion, hobby, or life experience. Transcending geographic boundaries, these communities allow members to explore, celebrate, and deepen their common interest through knowledge-sharing, social connection, and a sense of belonging.

Communities of interest bring together diverse individuals around a shared love, providing them with a source of joy, meaning, and identity. In a world that can feel fragmented and isolating, finding your tribe in a community of interest can be a deeply fulfilling experience.

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