Senior Software Engineer

Sydney, Australia

We’re looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join our small but nimble engineering team.

You should be able to hit the ground running from day one, contributing to greenfield work to bring our product to life. This isn’t a role where you’ll spend six months working on a small feature in some monolithic enterprise software application. You’ll work across all aspects of software engineering end-to-end and feel the magic and satisfaction that comes from crafting a product from the very beginning.

This role is ideal for someone who is motivated by working in small, high-trust, early-stage teams. If you feel stuck and disillusioned working in a culture where ‘meetings about the work’ dominate, this role is an opportunity to fall back in love with making beautiful software. As an early engineer on the team, you’ll be instrumental in creating a positive culture that gets people excited to come to work every day.

For those who value the unique opportunities that an early-stage startup can provide, there is simply no other job that will offer comparable experiences and growth at such an accelerated pace. Those early few that join Hall will have unmatched opportunities for learning and growth, the ability to drive substantial impact and influence, a close-knit team with shared goals, and, of course, a meaningful stake in the company’s upside.

Our vision

We believe the next generation of world-class companies will be those that build community around their product. Most software products and companies have thousands users and customers, but there isn’t a way for companies to foster connections between these people.

Hall is the purpose-built platform that enables companies to create community around their product. Community not only provides better experiences for their users – it also drives customer acquisition, simplifies support, boosts retention and loyalty, and delivers invaluable insights for business.

Hall is venture-backed by Australia’s largest venture capital fund, who has invested some of Australia’s recent unicorn success stories like Canva. We have the backing and runway to support the development of the first version of our product, launch in the market, and beyond. This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a startup that has the ambition to be one of Australia’s next generational companies.

Who you’ll work with

You’ll work in close partnership with your engineering counterparts (to be hired) and with Hall’s founder, Kai. He’s an experienced operator who’s spent the best part of the last decade working in leading software companies like Atlassian (Australia’s software success story), Intercom (consistently ranked in Forbes Cloud 100), and Dovetail (an early-stage Australian startup valued at over $960m).

Before founding Hall, Kai was the second employee at Dovetail where he built out the company’s customer, product marketing, growth, and sales capabilities from zero (and grew revenue by over 300%). With Kai’s background in product and user experience design, you’ll bring your own wealth of experience in software engineering to work collaboratively as peers.

Your responsibilities

As Senior Software Engineer, you’ll:

  • Identify, define, design, and implement technical solutions for our product as we work towards launching the first version.
  • Collaborate and partner with our small team and customers to proactively gather, understand and prioritise what we should work on and how.
  • Advocate for and exemplify best practices in engineering, collaboration, and professional development as our small team matures.

Your background

You’ll ideally join us with:

  • Demonstrated experience building scalable software-as-a-service products on the web.
  • Extensive hands-on technical experience with modern frontend and backend technologies like TypeScript, React, GraphQL, Node, Postgres, and AWS.
  • Experience in early-stage startups, or in projects involving versatile responsibilities.
  • A craving for ownership, and have the right attitude towards a sense of urgency, risk, and uncertainty about the future that comes with working at an early-stage startup.
  • A multidisciplinary mindset, and are comfortable wearing multiple hats and engaging in a diverse range of tasks.
  • A comfort with ambiguity, and able to operate effectively without strict guidelines.

Apply now

Are you interested hearing more about this role?

Introduce yourself over email to kai@usehall.com.