Bridging the gap between GTM and product teams with community

How Twine is empowering customers to shape the future of GTM and product collaboration.

Twine is a software company revolutionizing how go-to-market (GTM) and product teams collaborate. Their platform automates the sharing of market intelligence, customer needs, revenue impact, and feature release feedback, ensuring that all teams are aligned and working towards delivering exceptional customer experiences.


As Twine launched their platform, they knew that close collaboration with early adopters would be key to shaping their product roadmap. They sought to create a dedicated space where these pioneering customers could share candid feedback, surface pain points, and contribute ideas to help Twine evolve in lockstep with real market needs.

Twine’s mission was to help GTM and product teams work better together, and they wanted to embody this principle in their own development process. By bringing early customers into the fold as true innovation partners, they could ensure that every feature and enhancement was fine-tuned to address actual user challenges.

However, without a purpose-built platform for this collaboration, Twine risked missing out on valuable insights and the opportunity to forge deep, lasting relationships with their early adopters. They needed a space that could facilitate open dialogue, spark co-creation, and ultimately help them build a product that would set a new standard in cross-functional collaboration.


To bring their vision of customer-driven innovation to life, Twine implemented Hall’s community platform. With Hall, Twine launched a branded, private community tailored to nurturing close collaboration with early adopters.

The Twine customer community became the central hub for users to share their experiences, relay feature requests, and engage in discussions about the future of GTM and product alignment. Twine’s product team actively participated in the community, seeking clarification on feedback, diving deep into user pain points, and transparently sharing their roadmap plans.

The community also fostered connections among Twine’s early customers, enabling them to swap best practices, discuss shared challenges, and form partnerships to extend the value of Twine’s platform. This peer-to-peer engagement generated valuable insights to guide the product’s evolution.

By embracing a community-driven approach to product innovation, Twine accelerated their development cycles and delivered enhancements that precisely targeted their users’ most pressing needs. The community also served as an incubator for customer advocates, with many early adopters becoming vocal evangelists for Twine.

As Twine continues to grow, their Hall community remains at the heart of their customer collaboration efforts, testifying to the power of bringing customers into the innovation process.

IndustryB2B SaaS
LocationSydney, Australia

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