Empowering accountants to drive carbon impact with community

How Sumday is tansforming carbon accounting through collective knowledge and action.

Sumday is a fast-growing startup building non-financial carbon accounting software for accountants. Founded in 2021 by a powerhouse team in Tasmania, Australia, Sumday is on a mission to make carbon accounting accessible and transparent. Their platform enables accounting firms to provide emissions assessment services to their business clients, ultimately crowdsourcing a trusted carbon database.


Sumday’s users are predominantly accountants looking to expand their services into the emerging field of carbon accounting. For these accountants, having a dedicated space to connect with peers, share knowledge, and access support is critical as they navigate this new domain and bring these novel services to their clients.

As Sumday onboarded more accounting practices to their platform, they recognized the pressing need for a centralized community space. Accountants on their platform needed a place to share carbon accounting best practices, learn from each other’s experiences, and get expert support as they took on emissions assessment projects. Fostering this sense of community and enabling knowledge sharing was crucial for empowering accountants to confidently deliver this new service.


To bring their users together and support their needs, Sumday implemented Hall, a dedicated customer community platform. With Hall, Sumday was able to quickly spin up a branded, private community that was seamlessly integrated into their product experience.

The community provided multiple ways for accountants to engage, learn, and get help. Discussion forums allowed users to ask questions, share tips, and collaborate on challenges. A searchable knowledgebase captured the wealth of insights and best practices surfaced in these discussions, creating an invaluable, crowdsourced resource. Sumday’s team also used the community to share product updates, how-to guides, and collect feedback to inform their roadmap.

By bringing carbon accountants together in a thriving community, Sumday has seen a multitude of benefits. Accountants on the platform are more engaged and empowered, with peer insights and support fueling their success. The community has become a hub of industry knowledge and best practices, elevating the profession as a whole.

For Sumday, community-driven support and insights have led to faster product adoption, reduced support costs, and accelerated innovation. Most crucially, their community of carbon accountants are forming a movement, united in their mission to change carbon accounting and create a more sustainable future.

IndustryVertical SaaS
LocationTasmania, Australia

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