Pioneering the future of CRM through customer community

How Clarify leveraged community insights to innovate in a stagnant product category.

Clarify is a trailblazing startup on a mission to revolutionize customer relationship management (CRM) for the modern era. Founded by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and tech industry veterans, Clarify is building a next-generation CRM platform that consolidates customer data, streamlines collaboration, and unifies teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


As an early-stage startup, Clarify recognized the crucial importance of engaging their initial customers and users in the product development process. They needed a dedicated space where these early adopters could share feedback, insights, and ideas to shape Clarify’s platform to meet real-world needs.

Clarify’s vision for their CRM was ambitious - a modern, flexible, and intelligent solution that could adapt to diverse workflows and scale with businesses over time. To bring this vision to life, they knew they needed to foster close collaboration with their early customers. These customers, often forward-thinking companies themselves, had invaluable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in customer relationship management.

However, without a centralized community platform, Clarify risked missing out on this vital feedback and the opportunity to co-create their product with their most engaged users. They needed a way to bring these voices together, facilitate ongoing dialogue, and harness these insights to build a truly game-changing CRM.


To create a home for customer collaboration and feedback, Clarify implemented Hall’s community platform. With Hall, Clarify quickly launched a branded, private space where early adopters could share experiences, pain points, and wishlist items for Clarify’s CRM.

The community featured dedicated feedback forums for users to provide input on specific features and product roadmap priorities. Clarify’s team actively engaged in these discussions, diving deeper into users’ needs. The space also allowed early customers to connect with each other, swap best practices, and explore novel use cases, helping them maximize value from the platform.

By bringing early adopters together in an engaged community, Clarify transformed customers into partners in building their next-gen CRM. The tight feedback loops and user insights accelerated product innovation and ensured each new feature was finely tuned to real customer needs. The community also forged strong bonds between Clarify and their customers, setting the stage for long-term evangelism and advocacy.

IndustryB2B SaaS
LocationWashington, USA

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